The Real Estate Agent MegaPack


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Your Key to Passing The Math Portion of the Real Estate Exam.

Now you can eliminate the fear you've had of real estate math. Math-Wize offers real estate math problems often found in Real Estate License Exams, providing you with clear, concise explanations. You'll also find these math tips helpful in your day-to-day real estate career.


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The Complete Collection of Real Estate Terminology

United Real Estate Media utilized our vast library of real estate courses to compile the most extensive real estate dictionary available. This collection of real estate terms is designed to assist our students in the completion of our courses, passing of the State Exam and will make a significant contribution to your real estate career.


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Learn to invest with little or no money down and minimal risk.

You’ve no doubt seen the "infomercials" or attended a seminar or bought a book or course on "How To Get Rich In Real Estate With No Money Down". Unfortunately, most of the "no money down" promoters have gotten rich by selling books, courses and tapes on how to do it. Now you can get this information for FREE! Learn to close with no money down! Buy homes with little or no credit! Learn to generate unlimited income streams! Learn magic words that make millions! Print and fill out real estate legal documents from this course! Learn to buy a home paying no interest!


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Secrets & Solutions To Repairing Your Credit File!

Don't pay "Credit Repair Agencies" several hundred to several thousand dollars to do what you can do on your own! There are numerous companies and lawyers that charge just that and guess what?! They can't do anything for you that you can't do for yourself! If you or someone you know has had credit problems in the past - no matter how bad, this information is vital. These are the SECRETS that the Credit Bureaus DON'T WANT REVEALED!



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Learn the secret tips and tricks to passing the exam even if you don't know the answer to a question!

You can be well on your way to studying the Real Estate Salesperson, Broker or National Exam THE RIGHT WAY! Learn how you can alleviate stress and boost your self-confidence with the almost free guide. Walk into the exam room and know that you are going to pass on the 1st try with this amazing ebook. This is a great how-to study guide for anyone taking the real estate exams. Whether you are taking it to become a salesperson, sales associate, broker or taking the nationals or psi exams. This eBook prepares you to take and pass your real estate license exam on the first try. You'll learn how to study at your own pace, enhancing your study habits, improve your self-confidence and get that edge needed to pass your real estate exam.

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